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About CHVCash
CHVCash (CHVC) is an independent crypto currency of Ad Exchange Network (EXN) - ChainVertizer for alternative option of advertisers and publishers to pay for advertising campaigns and to be paid as publisher for delivered traffic to exchange network.
Also CHVCash opens secondary way , how to generate passive income for advertisers , publishers ( first passive income is from ads displayed on their websites ) , coin holders and masternode owners.
CHVCash is part of family of supported crypto currencies on ChainVertizer Exchange Network. We support payments in CHVCash (CHVC) , LiteCoin (LTC) , BitCoin (BTC) , Ethereum (ETH) , SocialSend (SEND) , AltBet (ABET) and in Fiat currencies via PayPal payment processor.
CHVCash is a crypto currency coin with slow supply increasing. There will be only 525 600 CHVC newly generated coins per one calendar year , so this help to stabilize good price of the coin on exchanges for all sides of game.
CHVCash crypto currency have linear model of supply increasing , our coin don't have any changes in rewards from mined block in future (stable supply increasing). ChainVertizer Exchange Network has been launched on 8th May 2019.

Lifecycle of CHVCash / How it works

New coins supply
CHVCash have linear and slow supply of newly generated coins. It's the best for stable coin price on exchanges and low inflation. There will be a low amount of new coins to build new masternodes or generating PoS rewards. Masternode rewards and rewards from PoS are not changing in time , so our network generate the same portion of new coins every year.

525 600 CHVC


CHVCash coin specifications
( CHVC )
( % )
( % )
( CHVC )
( CHVC )
1.00 CHVC 80 % 20 % 0.80 CHVC 0.20 CHVC

Coin name : CHVCash
Abbreviation : CHVC
Algorithm : QUARK Hybrid
Mining type : Combined MN/PoS
PoW from premining ( first 10 000 blocks )
Address prefix : Letter "C"
Initialization rules : Minimum is four (4) live masternodes
Minimum is five (5) live PoS wallets
PoW blocks is mined
Masternodes increasing : There is a maximum possibility for 526 new masternodes per one calendar year. This is theoretical amount only , real amount will be lower ( possibility decreased by coins in staking , fund reserves , coins in ad exchange circullation , coins on exchanges )
Coinbase maturity : 6 Blocks
Transaction confirmations : 6 Blocks
Masternode confirmations : 6 Blocks
Target spacing / Block time : 1 Minute
Difficulty readjust : 10 Minutes
Masternode collateral : 1000 CHVC
Reward per block : 1.00 CHVC
Reward for masternode : 0.80 CHVC (80%)
Rewards for staking : 0.20 CHVC (20%)
Supply model : Linear (Flat rewads)
RPC Port : 8183
P2P Port : 8184
Total supply : 525 600 CHVC per calendar year.
21 024 000 after 40 years
42 048 000 after 80 years
Initial supply : 40 000 CHVC +
Technical masternode will be terminated when we meet initial rules

ChainVertizer Network specifications
Network name : ChainVertizer EXN
Type : Standard Ad Exchange Network
  Release date : Mid of June 2019 (STAGE-1)
End of Year 2019 (STAGE-2)
Ad Supply Partners : Unlimited amount is possible
- Ad Agencies
- Exchange Networks
- AOM Providers
- In-House Advertisers [STAGE-2]
Publishers : Unlimited amount is possible
- One account per person
- Autocontroller
Payment terms : Network run on NET35 payment terms.
Strict on-time payments via supported payment options.
Traffic delivery : On cloud via Expandable Balancers
Supported Ad Formats : STAGE-1
Standard PopUp/Under
PopUp/Under with CK.Auto
Automated SMB Pops
Direct Linking
All IAB Formats
Ad Rating : [1] Standard Safe Ads
[2] Combined Adult
Supply via : Standard JS tags
Control panel : Easy to use Control Panel for Network Publishers with overnight statistics.
Payment methods : CHVCash [CHVC] , BitCoin [BTC]
LiteCoin [LTC] , Ethereum [ETH]
AltBet [ABET] , Social Send [SEND]
SafeInsure [SINS] , PAWS [PAWS]
Crypto Sports [CSPN] , Dash Green [DASHG] , Adevplus2.0 [ADV2]
FIAT Currencies via PayPal

Project Roadmap
For CHVCash Masternodes and PoS Packages
We offer for early Investors , Crypto enthusiasts and future users of ChainVertizer Exchange Network pre sale of CHVCash crypto currency via Masternode packages for Investor who want to build own masternode and generate masternode rewards or PoS packages for coin holder who want to generate stake rewards. Benefits for early investors are :
Highest ROI
Early Investor have highest ROI from all masternode holders. Collecting new masternodes is possible only after we open first crypto exchange where new Investors can buy coins for masternodes.
Stable Passive Income
Our coin CHVCash have setup for perfect linear passive income for long time. Our rewards are not changing in time and rewards are enough small to hold high price of CHVCash. Also , there is a small amount of new coins to build new masternodes quickly outside presale.
Facts about CHVCash
- flat rewards for full tifetime ( 100s years )
- slow supply increasing
- low inflation coin
- quick transactions
- every day is generating new coins only for one new masternode ( if all generated coins is sold to one person )

Offered Packages for Pre-Sale
Masternode packs (MN) Coins per pack (MN) Price per pack (MN) Staking packs (PoS) Coins per pack (PoS) Price per pack (PoS)
30 1001 0.30 BTC 100 from 50 0.015 BTC

Pre-Sale Time Frame
  Pre-Sale Start Pre-Sale End  
  8th May 2019
19:00 a.m. CEST [UTC+2]
8th June 2019
or When all Masternode and Staking packages are sold

If you are interested in investing to CHVCash masternode or staking coins
Please , join to our Discord Server and follow instructions in #presale channel. Thank you

Wallets and Resources download
Description Version Download source
CHVCash Windows x32/x64 wallet [QT] 1.0 Initial Download from local repository
CHVCash Windows x32/x64 Daemon 1.0 Initial Download from local repository
CHVCash Apple Os X Wallet [QT] 1.0 Initial Download from local repository
CHVCash Linux Ubuntu 18.04 [QT] 1.0 Initial Download from local repository
CHVCash Linux Ubuntu 18.04 Daemon 1.0 Initial Download from local repository
CHVCash Linux Masternode package / Ubuntu 18.04 1.0 Initial Download from local repository
CHVCash Linux Mint / Ubuntu 18.04 Recompiled Complete 1.0 Initial Download from local repository
CHVCash Source Code 1.0 Initial Download from local repository
Github CHVCash Resources -All- Official GitHUB Repository
Masternode Installation script -Latest- Official GitHUB Repository
CHVCash TechPaper v 1.0.47 -Latest- Download from local repository
CHVCash Easy Web Wallet 1.0 Initial Open in new window
Masternode API 0.1.12 Open in new window
Linux Ubuntu 16.04 CLI 1.0 Initial Download from local repository
Linux Ubuntu 16.04 DAEMON 1.0 Initial Download from local repository
Linux Ubuntu 16.04 QT 1.0 Initial Download from local repository
Linux Ubuntu 16.04 TX 1.0 Initial Download from local repository

Available Exchanges

List of Avalable Exchanges
    MCT Plus (OTC)
Exchange Website
Trading Platform

List of Contacts

Official Discord Server
Our Discord server is our official place for support and tech support both for CHVCash currency and ChainVertizer Exchange Network.
You can find the
- Development Progress
- Exchange Network Updates
- CHVCash Updates
- Support for CHVCash
- Support for ChainVertizer
- Presale Program
- All important informations
Join to our Discord Server

BetweenClocks Thread
Our official announcement thread on BetweenBlocks forum. You check there updates for CHVCash.
Please , keep in mind , our official channel is on our Discord Server.
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Official Git Repository
Our official repository on GitHub. You can find here Initial and all updated source codes of CHVCash coin , all releases of wallets and daemons , Masternode scripts and much more.
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